The new wedding season, which will probably begin in April, will attract many couples to Sicily and, as never before, requests for destination weddings are filling the emails of Sicilian photographers.

Sicily has become in recent years, an alternative destination to the most noble and beautiful locations of Lake Como and Tuscany.

The extreme south of Italy, thanks also to the redevelopment of the area, has become a forge of locations, renovated old towns, terraces overlooking the sea for outdoor rituals and the smells and colors that can reward this choice are unparalleled.

The area of ​​eastern Sicily, the one that includes the provinces of Catania, Siracusa and Ragusa, is having in the last 5 years an increase (excluding 2020) of 70% more marriages of foreign couples, mainly from France and Germany .

The factors that determine this preference with respect to other parts of the beautiful country, which in the world imagination is always a dream place to get married, can be listed in a few simple points:

1 In Sicily, the climate is great.

This obviousness allows couples to plan their event with peace of mind even in April or early October.

It is clear that anything can happen, but statistically Sicily, and Puglia, especially in the Tavoliere area and the Ionian area around Taranto, and in the Sicilian provinces of Trapani, Agrigento and Syracuse, we find places with average annual rainfall of less than 500 millimeters, according to the data reported by ISPRA.

2 Sicily is cheaper.

What is a popular belief (the south costs less) corresponds to reality: it is a strong point that the organization of a wedding can affect thousands of euros less on the total budget compared to other regions. Future spouses find an area that is not inflated compared to other parts of Italy, with savings in various sectors (from catering, to location, to bands). Also in Sicily there are obviously incredibly expensive suppliers, but taking a general average, the economic aspect here can be an advantage.

3 This place is becoming fashionable.

More and more actors, singers, sportsmen such as Andrea Belotti, and VIPs such as Thom Yorke, singer of Radiohead, and in 2019 the Italian wedding of the year Chiara Ferragni and Fedez in the splendid baroque setting of Noto, have made this area more and more known. wonderful southern Italy and attracted media attention. The latter couple has increased the requests from the Italians. Noto and Ortigia, the heart of Syracuse, are getting more and more requests for weddings in the land of oranges and orange blossoms.

4 The beauty of the places takes your breath away.

Almost all the spouses decide to stay for at least 5/6 days during the wedding period and so do the guests who come from various countries. Show during independent tours, enchanting places such as the valley of the temples, the archaeological area and the sea of ​​Syracuse, the Aeolian Islands, Ragusa Ibla, the mills of Mazara del Vallo, the Scala dei Turchi and the high views of places breathtaking as Modica, Enna, Erice, Taormina, have no equal and make it seem even more like a land of other times.

5 Gastronomy in Sicily is famous.

Many journalists commented enthusiastically that at the Ferragnez wedding, the chefs filled the cannoli with ricotta at the moment, not knowing that for a Sicilian wedding this is normal. Sicilian gastronomy is an explosion of flavors and smells. The flashy caterers on the island offer unique goodies in terms of pastries and typical dishes, and future spouses know this. Revisited arancine, super spiced caponata, meats with almonds, cassata and artisanal liqueurs on the finish. It is known that in Sicily in three days they put on five kilos.

6 Style and creativity create curiosity.

In many European countries it is forbidden to celebrate the wedding day with fireworks. In Sicily it is a normal thing, and the performances with explosions, lights and lapilli in the sky take on an even more magical value. On a musical level then, Sicily does not offer the choice of the usual Swing and jazz groups, but the bands that offer Rockabilly, Classical, Street band, folk performances, and Rock are varied. There are artists of all kinds and the inventions in weddings are a mixture of irony and tradition

7 Fairytale flowers and decorations.

In Sicily, the horticultural sectors enjoy an excellent reputation and on a decorative level this is just another gem that is added to all the good things already listed. The brides certainly all this is very pleased.

All these factors have given and give points in favor of what is a market and a category in exponential growth. To this, adding the fact that Sicilians are welcoming and warm, and sometimes even a little pimp, they determine a “SICILIANS