Engagement photo session

The pre-wedding photo shoot is always great fun

For creative people like us, who love to create unusual and original couple photo shoots, engagement pictures are a great way to let your imagination fly.

For future newlyweds, this type of shooting is the right thing to break the ice and get comfortable with the camera before the wedding photo shoot: just imagine to spend a couple of hours among friends, chatter and laughter, with a camera to seize the most important moments.

Yes, because the mood of a pre-wedding photo shoot – that usually takes place about a month before the wedding – is exactly this: playful, spontaneous, relaxed. This authenticity makes to take the nicest pictures. Without even mentioning that, for all of those who don’t feel photogenic, engagement photos represent the chance to learn to see the camera as an ally instead of an enemy: you’ll learn that you can relax and enjoy the shooting without any performance anxiety, and during the photo shoot we’ll give plenty of useful advice, that will make you more comfortable towards the actual wedding.

For your pre-wedding photo shoot you’ll be able to choose the location you want – maybe one of your special places – or be inspired by our advice: from the sea to the countryside, from villages to cities, we know so many beautiful places to shoot in Sicily, especially in the Noto Valley and in romantic Taormina.

For this kind of pictures you can dress as you like, according to your style and attitude: you just have to be yourselves for a couple of hours, we’ll take care of the rest!

Thanks to this shooting you’ll also have the chance to “pull the plug” a little from all the wedding preparations, granting yourselves a couple of hours doing something fun together: that’s something not to be underestimated in such a demanding period of your lives.

For our engagement portraits we’ve won multiple awards from the prestigious WPJA (Wedding PhotoJournalist Association) in 2019: an acknowledgement to our work that makes very proud.

Couple photo shoots

Not just pre-wedding photos: who said that you need a special occasion to shoot a beautiful couple photo shoot?

Truth is that every day is special when you are in love…and when you have a fairytale location like Sicily at your disposal, our lovely homeland!

That’s why we also offer you the couple photo shoot, that you can have anytime of the year in your special places in this wonderful land, or in a location that we’ll make you discover.

Thanks to a couple photo shoot you’ll seize the loveliest moments of your love story forever, creating a precious and eternal memory.

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