Destination Wedding: Sicily, land of love

Our land is synonymous with air, sea, nature and the scent of orange blossom. It is easy to become so fascinated by this enchantment that you will love to plan your wedding.

So many foreign couples choose Sicily as a destination for their wedding. Over the years we have photographed Iranian, Chinese and Moroccan couples in the beautiful setting of south-east Sicily.

Each of them has given us a different story to tell and different ways to make their dreams come true. The volcano Etna in the background, the sound of the waves in the sea at Marzamemi, the colours of Ortigia were the perfect ingredient for our Sicilian Destination Wedding.

It is called Destination Wedding and it is much more than a wedding: it’s a magical experience, already an honeymoon, in a unique place that has a deep meaning for the bride and groom or that they have fallen in love with.

Sicily is one of the favourite destination weddings for foreigners, from Syracuse to Ragusa, from Catania to Messina, from Palermo to Trapani You have plent of choice. In each city you will find enchanting places where you can tell the story of your wedding.

Choose the place that is closest to your heart and we will think about making the most important day of your life unique. Over the years we have gained a great deal of knowledge in the wedding industry and have selected a wide range of vendors and locations that we are happy to share with future foreign brides and grooms to help them planning their wedding and all the other activities needed to have a truly unforgettable experience.

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