Images come before words

And, unfortunately, sometimes even before the experiences themselves.

Raise your hand if you don’t have a phone full of photos or an Instagram feed with thousands of shared pictures…let’s face it: we are all guilty! Today, images come before words and, unfortunately, even before actual experiences.

But, ironically, because we have so many images at our disposal, they end up losing their value: we tend to photograph and share everything, so what’s really important gets lost in the mix.

The memory of a special day with our loved one, the smile on our faces when we heard good news, the surprise of a love confession…can you find those precious shots among the endless stream of images?

We believe in the role of photos as witnesses of unique moments and we want to help you preserve them, by printing pictures that are unique as well: that’s why we value our prints and handmade photo albums so much, willing to offer you top-quality products.

Imagine a lovely album of your wedding photos, a photo book that stores the nicest emotions and allows you to relive those moments anytime you want: without offering you this opportunity, none photo services would be complete. 

For our professional wedding photo albums, we work with three companies that make top-quality products: Sarlo Album, Graphistudio and Ti Ci Group.

You can choose from a selection of 40 products and an ad hoc line

We offer a selection of 40 products made by these companies, and a customized line – colourful and in ecowood – that we personally created with Ti Ci Group, with prices ranging from 150 and 600 euros.

Photo books, wedding albums and prints can be ordered after the photo shoot and selected in our Studio, through the catalog or by Skype call, and reserved by paying a 50% deposit. The price includes layout and binding of the wedding album.

You’ll be able to choose between classic album, photo book or combo album, all made in top quality, to underline the photo shoot we made together and store your most beautiful moments forever.


Contact us to know in detail the offers we offer you and the prices of the wedding albums.

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