Sicily is a beautiful place

Culture, art and nature come together to create one of the nicest island of the world

You can feel history at every corner and the legacy of ancient civilizations is still strong: Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Norsemen have left their fingerprints, stratified in time. A wedding in Sicily is a fairytale come true, in a land of unique and multifaceted charm that generously oozes beauty. 

There are so many wedding locations: from east to west, from north to south, through the hinterland, there isn’t a place that is not worth seeing.

The crystal waters of Marzamemi and the cobalt blue of Taormina, the dark, volcanic rock of Catania and the white stone of Syracuse, the Baroque of Val di Noto and the Arab-Norman of Palermo: a Sicilian wedding will show you the beauty of contrasts.

And there is much more: the art of hospitality, all Sicilian, and one of the world’s richest and finest culinary culture

Magnificent and charming, Sicily never disappoints and is ready to gift couples with unforgettable moments, if you choose to celebrate your love dream here. 

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