The romantic fishing village that inspired novels and films

Marzamemi is a pearl of southern Italy
A real old fishing village with small yellow stone houses around two natural harbours.
It looks like something out of a story and a decade ago it became even more famous and reported in all the best Italian travel guides and travel blogs.

The Tonnara di Marzamemi is the main ver location of this village and the Balata the real meeting place of the locals
Today it is one of the most fascinating villages in Italy, a paradise of stone and colour, to be explored in all its corners.

Catering in Marzamemi has literally exploded thanks to investments that have made the food and wine sector in this part of southern Italy solid, and the Campisi company in particular, with its production of ready-made fish sauces, is now a local must with an important export of its products.

A visit to its shed will captivate you and make you want to buy everything. The Tonnara mentioned earlier dates back to Arab times and the entire village was built around the tuna fishery.  The setting for films and documentaries, it is a wedding venue with a magical atmosphere. A few kilometres away in the adjacent village of Portopalo di Capo passero, the geographically most southerly point of Italy sees in the Tafuri Castle, only 90 years old, a majestic building, equal to the natural wonders of the area.

Weddings are not held here in July and August, a time when only tourists can enjoy the beauty of the venue, but the setting is stunning.

In Art Nouveau style, it was for a long time a venue for dance evenings and discos, then abandoned and recently bought, renovated and since 2016 a prestigious Luxury Resort by the sea!

To get married here is to breathe in the sea, to feel the saltiness entering you and to have the wind in your hair.
It’s a triumph of flavours, it’s a second skin that settles over you and won’t let you go.
It is colour, it is harmony, it is the irony of the locals

In Marzamemi and nearby Portopalo you leave your heart.

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