2022 was a magical year for Italian wedding photographers, protagonists in the most important contests in the world of sector photography.

“Italian do it better” is said abroad, and it is a phrase synonymous with emotions, moments, the light of epic sunsets on the Tuscan hills and on the windy cliffs of southern Italy.
It is a photograph made of shades and colors that enhance the uniqueness of this land.

Adding up the most famous international competitions (ISPWP in the United States, Mastersofwedding in Italy and fotografo de Boda in Spain), this year the two photographers Adriano Perelli & Simona Cancelli did not miss a beat and placed high everywhere. In their land they have collected newspaper articles with special mentions, a 7th place in the world on iSPWP (International society of professional wedding photographers), an Italian 3rd place and a Spanish 4th place with prize giving in Valencia in November.
Sicilians and lovers of their beautiful island have brought home these awards thanks to the shots obtained in weddings full of vitality and euphoria of the warm regions of Italy.
A whirlwind of festive and romantic photos: Italian photographers are perhaps at an advantage over other professionals from other countries, in southern Italy the wedding event is an institution, it is the event of life for many people.

Photographing around the world and in Sicily is what he likes the most: they visited 40 countries and photographed people and couples from every country (visit their love stories here).
Their daughters Moran & Amelie already live immersed in photographs and are always traveling with them.
Many Italian photographers met by them during these years of workshops and conferences. Adriano & Simona try to take inspiration from each of them and make the most of each experience by putting their own vibrant experimentation inside. They shoot differently and blend their different styles within each shoot. They love destination weddings and seaside locations in their Sicily.
International competitions are a way to quickly get into the visualizations of future spouses who intend to face this event in Italy… and they will try to surpass all their placings in 2023.