The Sicilian Dolce Vita

Taormina – lovely pearl of Sicily – is one of the most beautiful and sought after locations of the island, with the magnificence of its Greek Theatre overlooking the sea, the panoramic terraces with their stunning views, the glimpses of the city centre and the atmosphere of the Dolce Vita.

A wedding in Taormina is the dream of so many couples!

In this delightful place in the heart of the Mediterranean, with its gentle weather, time seems suspended, materializing the Italian dream of many tourists: it’s not a coincidence that many Americans or British are madly in love with Taormina, and a lot of artists have found their inspiration here. Located north of Catania and built on a promontory, Taormina boasts an incredible view on the sea and on the Etna.

The beating heart of the city is Corso Umberto, with its luxury boutiques,  cafes and restaurants: the glamorous life of Taormina is all here.

Getting married in Taormina

At the end of Corso Umberto you can find the Duomo, with its medieval facade and Baroque gate. The cathedral is the ideal location to celebrate a church wedding in Taormina, but it’s not the only one: another option is the smaller church of San Giuseppe, another example of Baroque.

The church is located in Piazza IX Aprile, the city’s “living room” and its panoramic spot par excellence, with a stunning view of the coast.

Taormina’s greatest jewel is its Greek Theatre, built during the III century b. C. and perfectly preserved. The Theatre comes back to life every summer thanks to its varied programme of performances, but you can breathe the magic of this place every day: you just need to enter, walk on its stones that have seen centuries of history and gaze at the beauty of the sea through the remains of the columns. A sight that is pure marvel.

For a wedding by the sea you can fully enjoy the charm of the sea on Isola Bella, a lovely pebble beach at the foot of the promontory and the town, caressed by crystalline water and connected to the mainland by a strip of sand.

A marriage on Isola Bella is one of the most romantic choices for those who want to get married in Taormina: the La Plage Resort , right on the sea, embedded in the gorgeous natural landscape of the island, promises unique emotions.

The Caparena Hotel – at the foot of the Taormina promontory, too – is the perfect venue for a beach party, instead

Panoramic locations for a dream wedding

A very appreciated panoramic location for weddings is the elegant Villa Mon Repos, built in the natural landscape of the Parco degli Ulivi, with a breathtaking view on the bay and Etna: with a marriage at Villa Mon Repos you’ll feel like living in a fairytale!

Another wonderful venue for a wedding reception in Taormina is the Villa Diodoro Hotel, another stylish scenario overlooking Etna and the Naxos bay.

The San Domenico Palace Hotel is the place for those who want to live their wedding in a luxury monastery, instead: this hotel is built on a truly unique spot, an old Dominican monastery dating from 1400, and offers spectacular views. 

And what can we say about a wedding at Grand Hotel Timeo? In this famous hotel, always attended by international VIPs, you’ll feel like true stars! 

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