Wedding photo shoot

Love, first of all.
And then euphoria, colours, emotions.

This is the essence of a wedding for us: a unique event, different and unrepeatable for every couple, that deserves to be immortalized in the best way possible.

For such a special occasion we can’t leave it to chance: it’s crucial to choose professionals capable of making you feel confident in the end result, free to enjoy the party without any worries.

Professionals you can totally trust, with their experience and style: remember that you are entrusting them with the memories of the most important day of your life!

If you are looking for a professional wedding photographer, you are in the right place: there are two of us, ready to turn your love story into unforgettable memories!

We mostly do weddings in Sicily, Italy, especially in the eastern part of the island (Syracuse, Noto, Catania, Taormina), but we are willing to work in other regions, too.

In the wedding photo shoots that we make, we provide you with our experience and creativity to create beautiful, authentic and original images, capable of moving you: pictures that will be with you forever. 

We’ve done hundreds of weddings, especially in the South: some with more than 500 guests! Trust us…we know how to do it: we’ll be your eyes and hearts in such an important day.

We both take pictures in every wedding (Simona usually takes care of the bride and Adriano of the groom) and we take about 15000 photos, so we don’t miss any important moment of the day, any eye contact, any emotion.
Every wedding photo shoot is custom-made: as wedding photographers, we love to create shootings based on your story, on what you want to tell us and on the place you chose to celebrate your marriage. Creating a new story every time is the challenge that excites us and drives us to always give our best effort, from a creative and a technical standpoint.

Why choose us
for a wedding shooting

There is no magic formula for choosing a wedding photographer: for us, the key word is empathy. The one that is born the first time we meet in our Studio, and even before, when you look at our clicks in our portfolio

We are the photographers for you if you are allergic to forced romance, plastic poses and conventional endings.

We like to experiment, to push creativity beyond its limits, to play with colours, to be as sparkling as the champagne you’ll toast with at the wedding, without giving up on authenticity and elegance.

We are knowingly eccentric when compared to the typical wedding photo shoot, and this is one of our strong points.

If you dig this mood, we’ll do great things together!

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Here are the options that we provide for a wedding photo shoot:

Offer 1
  • Ceremony photo shoot + shooting (about 4 hours)
  • Delivery of about 300 digital photos
  • Delivery in USB box with 40 10×15 prints

Offer 2
  • Full photo shoot (about 12 hours)
  • Delivery of about 800 digital photos
  • Delivery in USB box with 40 10×15 prints

If you choose, you can ask for the following extra services

  • A third photographer for the whole event

  • Delivery of digital photos within 10 days

  • Printing and binding of the album

  • Two hours engagement photo shoot (pre-wedding shooting)

  • Post-wedding photo shoot

  • wedding video made by two videomakers
    (video footage and editing)

  • wedding video via radio-controlled drone
    (aerial shots)

Delivery of the materials usually takes place about 45 days within the event, in a box of your choosing, with the agreed prints and a high-quality flash drive. For every wedding we select 1000 pictures to work on, but we can give you all the originals in RAW or JPEG, if you wish so.

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