Weird, crowded, cheeky city on the slopes of Etna

Catania is the most majestic city in eastern Sicily.
The most populous in Sicily, the superb, black queen of this part of Italy.
To marry in Catania is to enter with the mind into a metropolis full of flaws and contradictions, to stroll the market is a triumph of madness and vivacity.

Catania is touristy and veracious at the same time.

Weddings of foreign couples in this city are increasing exponentially. The reception halls and villas of the Etnean towns are experiencing a magical moment.

Palazzo Biscari is the most imposing residence in the city and the Baroque is the star of this location: not only weddings but also conferences and gala evenings.

Radice pura is the pearl you do not expect and the atmosphere is that of a botanical park at the foot of Mount Etna, and it is like experiencing the event inside a large greenhouse full of elegance.

Catania is also famous for its charming villages: the Catanese love the stacks of Acitrezza and the elegance of Acireale. The Etnean villages perched a stone’s throw from Catania are super-photographed and in demand for bridal shoots.

Getting married in Catania means for the bride to get a standing ovation of applause from passers-by who sit enjoying a ricotta cheese cake and have waited half an hour to see her entrance.

La Limonaia is a beautiful wedding venue set in a centuries-old park and Il Baglio dei Principi di Spadafora is among the best-reviewed venues in Sicily.

If Catania and its liveliness strike you (having lunch in the centre and trying the Iris or arancina is a divine experience), its sombre architecture with lots of lava stone will give you a unique sense of respect and dignity: everyone likes its strange architecture and the symbol of the city is incredibly… an elephant!

Near Catania there are two wedding venues that take your breath away: Villa infinito mare where the name already describes this structure that looks like something out of a Hollywood movie, and Castello Xirumi, one of the most important and attractive wedding venues of its kind in Sicily

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