The pearl of Sicilian Baroque

Experts already knew it long before Chiara Ferragni and Fedez’s wedding: Noto – with its UNESCO World Heritage Site historic centre –  is the pearl of Sicilian Baroque, one of the most beautiful places in the island and more. 

Located just a few kms from the equally stunning Syracuse – and rebuilt after the terrible 1963 earthquake, as well – Noto is a Baroque city by all means: for the beauty of its Cathedral, for the magnificence of its palaces, for the splendor of its terraces, for its culinary grandeur. 

A wedding in Noto is a dream come true, a dream made of authenticity.

Noto historic centre and its wonders

The Porta Reale is the symbol of the city, an arch dating from 1838, built to celebrate Ferdinando II of Bourbon’s, king of the two Sicilies, visit. It’s the gateway to Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the beating heart of Noto.

Along the way you’ll see the famous Duomo di Noto, the St. Nicolò Cathedral, that dominates the city with its unmistakable  white stone, one of the best examples of Baroque in the Noto valley.

Close to the Cathedral you can find Palazzo Ducezio, dedicated to the famous warlord and built between 1700 and 1800, seat of City Hall, today. If you are looking for civil ceremony in Noto, Palazzo Ducezio with its splendid hall of mirrors, will be a wonderful venue for you. 

Also on Corso Vittorio Emanuele you’ll see the Church of Santa Chiara, finished in 1758, with its beautiful Baroque decoration on the inside and a breathtaking view from the terrace of the former Clarisse monastery.

The other main church, also on Corso Vittorio Emanuele, is San Carlo’s , with its splendid Baroque facade and a terrace on the bell tower from which you can enjoy a wonderful view: this is another lovely location for a romantic wedding.  

From Corso Vittorio Emanuele you get to Via Nicolaci – theater of the famous Infiorata di Noto – : here, you’ll find the Palazzo dei Principi di Nicolaci, symbol of the magnificence of the city historic centre.  The Palazzo is unmistakable: its balconies held up by stone corbels, adorned by all kinds of grotesque figures, are pure Baroque! The interior of the palace is worth visiting, too, with plenty of rooms and halls, old frescoes, stuccoes and decorations.

For those dreaming of getting married in Noto, a wedding at Palazzo Nicolaci is one of the best choices.

Dimora delle Balze: for a fairytale reception outside the city

For a reception immersed in nature, just a few kms from the city, there is Dimora delle Balze, a XIX century manor on a 25 hectares estate, where time seems to be suspended among history and beauty: a wedding at Dimora delle Balze is a one thousand and one night kind of event! 

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